Photo by Helen Levitt, 1972.


Photo by Helen Levitt, 1972.

the fucking best


i woke up like dis


i woke up like dis

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The Anti-Theatrical Theatre of Annie Baker



Annie Baker’s “The Flick” won the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for drama. Read Nathan Heller’s piece on her, and the play, now available in our archive: http://nyr.kr/1hFsLx5

Photograph by Zach Gross.

I love her. I wonder if the closeness I feel to her work comes from shared environments. New Hampshire, Vermont, Cambridge, Amherst.. My mother and I also raised caterpillars into butterflies every year. Divorce. Stern moralism. It’s all the same. 

"The realization that she, too, would make mistakes and hurt people ‘annihilated’ her, she says. It’s this crisis in her understanding that helped impel her to make the emotional teachers in her play—the beacons of moral honor—people who are themselves failing in full-fledged adulthood."

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C: I wonder if Courtney knows how much of an impact she’s had on my life.

P: How so?

C: She’s bought me most of my socks. And sometimes people say things about them.



Music picks from Broad City season one


This is very dope.

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"When a library is open, no matter its size or shape, democracy is open, too."

Bill Moyers in the foreword to this beautiful photographic love letter to libraries (via explore-blog)

Angel Olsen – You Are Song (32 plays)


You Are Song | Angel Olsen

I thought surely I would not find it again
How I was wrong
It is as fateful as sin
This feeling that I belong to something in some way til the end
And I am making an effort to stay
With you here it has been easy to say

That I could never lose sight of what my heart truly is
But the moment you step away
I am forced to look in and face
All the things that I’ve ever been without you 

It is true at times one can see I am strong 
I am not at home, yet I know where I belong
I am silence now, but I am always song
Can you hear me?

I thought this time last year I’d be dead
It’s quite strange the thoughts that pop into your head
When you’re busy smiling surrounded by your closest of friends
It is impossible to escape the sound
Of the dark that is following around

But I just go for a walk in my mind
And the light can be found

And the moment I step away
You are forced to look in and face
All the things that you’ve ever been without me

It is true at times one can see you are strong
You are not at home, yet you know where you belong
You are silence now, but you are always song
I can hear you


Angel Olsen and director Zia Anger channel Bergman—and Persona, especially—in the music video for ‘Tiniest Seed’, right down to the shaky title.

(There are obviously some cinephiles at work here, because their videos for ‘Forgiven/Forgotten' and 'Sweet Dreamsallude to Brakhage.)